Cippenham (Slough) Dog Training Club

Our agility section trains on a Monday night (excluding bank holiday Mondays and between Christmas and New Year) at South Bucks RDA, Mill House Farm, Framewood Road, Fulmer, SL2 4QR.

The evening starts at 7pm to set up equipment. All members in the first classes are expected to arrive at 7pm to help set up equipment. All members in the 8.45pm classes are expected to stay to put the equipment away at the end of the night.

The first classes (2 classes train in the arena at a time) start at 7.30pm and the second at 8.45pm. A 15 minute tea break is taken between each session. Each session last 60 minutes and there are a maximum of 8 dogs per class.  We aim to put dogs and handlers of similar levels in classes together. This is assessed regularly and changes made where it is felt necessary. 

The beginners class (12 sessions) consists of a course aimed at teaching both dog and handler how to complete and handle each obstacle safely, progressing onto putting obstacles together to create a course which the handler can competently guide the dog around. 

All new beginners and starters dogs will be expected to pass a temperament and basic obedience test during their first session at the club. If concerns are raised during any of the assessment processes, you may be asked to seek help with these issues and retry at agility once these issues have been rectified.

For health reasons, dogs cannot start agility training until the age of 12 months. Due to the popularity of the sport we do have a waiting list for agility places, but please feel free to enquire before your dog reaches this age so that you can go on the waiting list.

The year is broken into 4 'terms'. Each term is payable before its commencement. If fees have not been received, the dogs place may be lost and given to the next person on the waiting list. There is also a membership fee of £15 which is due each January.

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