Cippenham (Slough) Dog Training Club

Our obedience classes are held on a Wednesday evening at the Women's Institute Hall, Institute Road, Taplow starting at 7pm with our Puppy (Domestic) Training Classes and continue through Good Citizen tests to competition training. Members can train their dogs to the highest standard they wish. Help is always available from our volunteer trainers.

All dogs attending our classes must have up-to-date vaccinations and be microchipped.

All our trainers have many years of experience training their own and other people's dogs.  We use "positive reinforcement" training methods which means titbits and toys are essential training aids. 

We offer 10 week basic domestic training courses which are for puppies and dogs which have had little or no previous training or who need help with a particular problem. The cost is currently just £60 for the whole course payable when you start.

Two of the most common reasons people come to dog training classes for are to teach their dogs to walk on the lead without pulling and to come back to the handler when called. These and several other good behaviour practices are taught during our domestic (puppy) training course.

You will also be able to take part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme (see link at foot of page)

We also have a competitive class for handlers who wish to go on and train their dogs to a higher standard and be able to compete at open and championship obedience shows.

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